COVID-19 Risk Assessment

COVID-19 Risk Assessment

We are actively working to reduce workplace risk to the lowest reasonably practicable level by taking preventative measures. This includes any employees, visitors or contractors sharing the workplace, so that everybody's health and safety is protected.

In alignment with current Government guidance specific to our sector we have set the following actions:

  • In every workplace, we promote the increased frequency of handwashing, surface/equipment cleaning regimes and have also installed hand sanitization stations at the entry and exit points of all buildings .
  • We continue to support working from home as a first option. Where working from home is not possible, reasonable effort to comply with the social distancing guidelines has been taken (2m safety distance among people wherever possible). Appropriate signage and floor markings have been installed to assist people to gauge their distance and one way pedestrian traffic flow is in place for high congestion areas and where possible
  • Where social distancing guidelines cannot be followed in full (in relation to a particular activity) we have considered whether that activity needs to continue for the business to operate and taken the mitigating actions to reduce risk.
  • In areas and activities where people must work face-to-face for a sustained period we have assessed whether the activity can safely go ahead and taken the mitigating actions to reduce risk.
  • We will have special regard to people who might be particularly vulnerable to COVID-19 when considering their potential return to work
  • Specific procedures in relation to COVID-19 and to support the above have been developed and these are applicable to all employees, business partners and required visitors

We will continually review all actions taken and adjust as appropriate should the Government guidance for our sector change as the situation develops over the coming weeks and months.

A specific COVID-19 Risk Assessment has been created and you can download here.

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