Fitting a Laminate Shower Panel

Mermaid's shower panels are designed so that any competent tradesperson should be able to fit them.

PDF fixing guidelines

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Installation Instructions

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Comprehensive fitting instructions are provided with every order and you can watch an installation in the video below.

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Below are our top tips before setting out and the basic steps to fixing the panels.

Our products can be purchased as complete kits to ensure that you get all items required to complete your installation (excluding screws and fixings).



Internal corner profile

Internal Corner Profile


  • Patented design unique to Mermaid Panels.
  • Silicone free high performance join.
  • Allows for accurate panel measurement and cutting to ensure the join always overlaps in sealed areas.
  • Utilises high performance exterior grade barrier tape to guarantee leak free joints.
  • Allows for easy installation, as panels do not need to be fitted into corners in a specific sequence.
  • Independently tested and certified by Trada (Timber Research and Development Association).

Verti-lock panel joint

Verti-lock panel joint


  • Engineered panel joint, on the edge of 575mm panels, to achieve locking fit.
  • Allows for “secret” mechanical fixings to ensure secure fastening to the wall Virtually invisible joint.
  • Super-fine hairline joint.
  • Will not open up over time.
  • Requires hardly any silicone sealant to ensure water tightness.



Top Tips

1.   Cutting the panels

For best results the cutting action should always be into the decorative face of the panel. So when using a fine toothed handsaw, make sure the decorative side is faced upwards. When using a jigsaw or circular saw, the decorative face should be downwards. When cutting holes for valves and pipes, a minimum of 2mm clearance should be allowed all the way around. This clearance must be filled with silicone sealant.

2.   Preparing the walls

Mermaid panels can be fixed to most surfaces including concrete, chipboard and existing tiles, but it is important to ensure the walls are even and sound in order to provide the best possible fixing for them. When adhesive is to be used, clean and dry the walls to ensure the most effective bond. Note the primary fixing method used should always be mechanical, i.e. by the use of screws and rawlplugs depending on the structure of the substrate.

3.   Fittings

Shower attachments and other fittings can be secured directly to Mermaid panels using the appropriate fixings.

4.   Tools

No specialist equipment is required, just normal woodworking tools. Such as a wood saw, screwdriver, sealant gun, spirit level, tape measure, drill, etc…

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